Hall of Fame

In 2012, The Southern Garrett High School Alumni Association introduced the Southern Alumni Hall of Fame. Its purpose is to recognize alumni who have either made outstanding contributions to Southern, received recognition, statewide or nationwide, for excellence in a chosen field, or brought wide acclaim to Southern through a variety of endeavors.

The inductees, to date, are as follows:

2012 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
Maurice S. Brookhart
Brenda Brosnihan
Charles W. Mason, Jr.

2014 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
Barbara L. Leighton, M.D.
Donald W. Sincell

2017 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
Robert W. Sharps
William G. Weissgerber

2018 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
Laura W. Stutzman
David K. Martin
Carol Lawton

2019 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee
Robert P. Sharps

2021 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
Dona Alvarez
H. Stanley Lambert
Richard E. Stuck

2022 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees
David Eiswert

Nominations for the Southern Hall of Fame may be made by anyone by submitting a letter of nomination to:
Southern Garrett High School Alumni Association
345 Oakland Drive
Oakland, MD 21550

The letter should detail reasons for enshrinement. To be eligible, the nominee must have attended at least two years at Southern, and have also graduated from the school more than ten years prior to the nomination.

Danforth Award

The Danforth Award has long been a tradition at Southern, dating back to its first years. It disappeared for a period of years (yet undetermined), but was restored by the Alumni Association in 2003.

The honor is given to one female and one male student in recognition of their academic performance, personal integrity, balanced lifestyle and leadership potential. The award had its origins in 1941 when noted author, William H. Danforth, challenged the youth of America to achieve their highest potential and to influence others through lives of service.

Three nominees of each gender are selected by a Faculty Senate Committee from a list of candidates submitted by the entire faculty. The nominees are asked to submit a writing which both catalogs their achievements and record their thoughts in the following areas:

  1. Academic Performance
  2. Leadership
  3. School Activities
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Spirituality
  6. Service to Others
  7. Physical Fitness
  8. Development of their Talents and Skills

The Committee then selects the two Recipients.

All six nominees receive a plaque at the Awards Assembly. At graduation, the two Recipients are announced, and each receives:

  1. A large plaque
  2. A copy of William Danforth’s transformational book I Dare You
  3. A scholarship funded by the Alumni Association

Set forth below is a list, albeit incomplete, of the Recipients through the years. The Alumni Association would like to fill in the many blanks, and eventually house a plaque at Southern reflecting all Recipients. If you can help by identifying past Recipients and the appropriate year, please send an email to info@southerngarrettalumni.org.

Danforth History List

Robert Shaffer
M. Diane Sheehe Wensel
William Porter Welch
Carol Wooters
Sue Yutzy
Andrew Cosby
Judith Simpson
Gary Kitzmiller
Marilyn Englander
Wayne Dunbar
Bonnie White
George Tusing
Kim Liller
John Sanders
Donna Stark
Ben Sincell
Teresa Harvey
Todd Liller
Lois Filmyr
Shelia Dunham
Ben Peracchio
Kelly Wade
Adam J. Sincell
Natalie Domenick
Andrew R. Goad
Jadyn R. Swerbinsky
James A. Naylor
Elizabeth S. Thayer
Matt Foley
Megan Viar
Andrew M. Sauder
Stephanie A. Weaver
Jeffrey Rush
Emily Lipscomb
Heath L. Naylor
Jacqueline M. Fries
Aryne Riley
Paige Fitzwater
Richard “Jasper” Tasker
Elizabeth Sines
Landon Todd
Nicole Walch
Seth Holler
Jillian Yant
Benjamin Reichard
Jaiden Harvey
Matthew McCollough
Hannah Schroyer
Blake M. Smith
Morgan L. Winegardner
Michael Hollingsworth
Sheyenne Tichnell
Mason Hordubay
Jessica Storck
Daniel Nickel
Holly Buckley
Brogan Kealy
Hana Nazelrod
Aiden Schwab
Kierra Wilson


Scholarship information is coming soon.

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